I’m the Product Design Lead at Beauhurst where I solve problems with lots of moving parts. I’ve written three short books on simple design, ideation, and how to teach yourself UX design. In my spare time I feed squirrels.

In order of professional experience I’m comfortable with interaction design, ideation, visual design, product strategy, usability testing, mobile design, research, and prototyping.

Featured projects
I designed a mobile app to educate people about the climate impact of the food they eat ⟶ Research Prototyping Usability tests Visual design
I helped increase sales of the Beauhurst platform with the design of a Salesforce plugin ⟶ Research Interaction design
I found a problem on the Leeds Council website with usability tests and solved it with a page redesign ⟶ Research Prototyping Usability tests
Here’s a showcase of my recent visual design ⟶ Visual design

Organisations I’ve helped


Anthony is probably the best designer I’ve worked with. He’s not just user-focused, he’s also commercially and technically astute, which means that his designs look great AND they’re technically viable. He’s a super clear communicator and can present designs persuasively to stakeholders on any level. He’s also great fun to work with and is a real tonic on a stressful project!

Meredith P., Product Owner

I always enjoy interacting with Anthony on Designer Hangout. As well as sharing his wisdom with the other members, he’s the energetic organiser of a weekly visual design challenge that pushes us to flex our graphic chops. He combines big thoughts with noticing small details—as shown by his collection of visual design patterns and his case studies celebrating companies who’ve paid great attention to detail in their design.

Tom K., Head of Experience

I just took a look at your book, and this is a quite excellent collection of points and citations! You did a great job distilling all the thinking that goes into making something useful that appears to be simple.

Jonas Downey, Design Lead at Basecamp

Anthony has an ability to uncover and draw attention to what really matters. He cares deeply about creating the best product possible and works tirelessly within teams to ensure this happens.

Pete R., Senior Scrum Master

Anthony is a real professional. He picked up the job and did it in a few days with many constructive remarks. We now can start from his report to do all corrections, adjustments and ameliorations. A perfect base for our next site construction.