The five minute design curriculum

You’re guaranteed to be a good designer if you put these five lessons into practice.

1. Learn like a beginner

Always assume there’s more to learn, whether you’ve been a UX designer for one year or one hundred. Learn about your colleagues’ work, and the fields related to design. Be humble.

2. Find good design

You develop your taste and personal style when you look at good design. You improve your craft when you pull it apart to understand how it was made. You can use a personal catalogue of good design as inspiration.

3. Explore a lot

When you need to understand, research for as long as you can. When you need a solution, come up with as many ideas as you can. Once you’ve chosen an idea, iterate until you can’t.

4. Make a lot

As much as you can. Quantity leads to quality, so practice regularly.

5. Share your work

Ask your colleagues and community what they think. The feedback will help you improve, and the exposure will grow your network.