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  1. Unlimited email-only design advice and feedback. £500 for a month.
  2. A one-off recorded video review of a website or app. £150 per video.

I’ve helped 48 people and companies so far.

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I’m Anthony Hobday. I think about interface design all day. My blog posts and books are on my website. Thousands of people follow me on X/Twitter.

If I can’t see and point out improvements in your app or website, it’ll be a first.

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People love it

That was incredibly helpful and just what I needed! Will be sketching out all your suggestions.

Your eye for details is god damn incredible. Thank you!

It is great to receive such detailed and actionable feedback. Money well spent.

This is already looking 100× better.

Awesome feedback, Anthony, thanks! I’ve made all of your suggested changes.

This is awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out. Going to make these changes shortly. Your attention to detail is 👌

This could be you

I’m not happy with this screen. How can I make it better?
Here’s 17 simple improvements you can make…
I need to create a fun visual style for a dog-walking website. Any advice?
If you want “fun”, try pastel colours and a rounded typeface. Also…
We want to help our design intern improve. Here’s a Figma link.
I’ve had a look. Here are some areas they can focus on…

I can help anyone


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Designers who want feedback to level-up


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Startup founders who need expert advice


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