Paid design advice

Do you have a product or project that needs expert design advice?

Pay me a monthly £200 retainer and you can email me whenever you like.

My focus is interface design (interaction and visual design), but I’m happy to give advice about discovery and ideation. I am comfortable with websites, desktop, and mobile applications.

The rules

  1. You can only contact me by email
  2. I will offer advice and feedback on your work, not do the work for you
  3. Regular small emails are better than one large email
  4. Reactive advice (e.g. feedback) is better than proactive advice (e.g. planning)
  5. If you need more advice than I can handle (e.g. too many emails) I will talk to you about it
  6. If I need to raise my prices in the future I will talk to you about it
  7. You pay in advance for a month
  8. I prefer trust over contracts
  9. I aim to respond to your emails within one working day
  10. I can take payment through Stripe unless you have an alternative

I will help with…

“Our junior designer made this. Can you give them some visual design feedback?”

“We want to improve this interaction. Can you suggest things we could try?”

“We’ve hired a third party to design something. Can you give us a second opinion on what they’ve made?”

“The goal of this screen is X. Do you think we’ve achieved that?”

I won’t help with…

“We need a screen for our app. Will you design it?”

“Can you log into our product and do a full audit, top to bottom?”

Get in touch

If you’re interested, email me: