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Here’s what I offer:

  1. Unlimited email-only design advice and feedback. £500 for a month.
  2. A one-off video review of a website or app. £150 per video.

I’ve helped 45 companies and people so far.

How it works


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People love it

That was incredibly helpful and just what I needed! Will be sketching out all your suggestions.

🤩 Satisfied client

Your eye for details is god damn incredible. Thank you!

🤯 Impressed customer

It is great to receive such detailed and actionable feedback. Money well spent.

🥳 Excited designer

This is already looking 100× better.

😍 Happy camper

Awesome feedback, Anthony, thanks! I’ve made all of your suggested changes.

😅 Relieved developer

This is awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out. Going to make these changes shortly. Your attention to detail is 👌

🤑 Hopeful indie hacker

This could be you

I’m not happy with this screen. How can I make it better?
Here’s 17 simple improvements you can make…
I need to create a fun visual style for a dog-walking website. Any advice?
If you want “fun”, try pastel colours and a rounded typeface. Also…
We want to help our design intern improve. Here’s a Figma link.
I’ve had a look. Here are some areas they can focus on…

I can help anyone


Developers who want practical tweaks


Designers who want feedback to level-up


Managers who want to help their team improve


Indie hackers who want a better chance


Startup founders who need expert advice

Why trust me?

I’m Anthony Hobday. I think about interface design all day. My blog posts and books are on my website. Thousands of people follow me on X/Twitter.

If I can’t see and point out improvements in your app or website, it’ll be a first.