Types of pattern in design

Patterns are reusable solutions to problems. Here’s all of the types of patterns I’ve come across.

  1. Appearance (common approaches to visual design, and style)
  2. Colour combinations (most often palettes)
  3. Interaction (ways in which people interact with software, and in which that software reacts)
  4. Layout (where to put things in relation to one another)
  5. Language (common phrases and ways of writing particular copy)
  6. Typography (e.g. typographic hierarchy, font pairings)
  7. Imagery (e.g. common approaches to icon styles, types of photos used)
  8. Navigation (e.g. hub-and-spoke model)
  9. Animation (e.g. easing curves)
  10. Physical/spatial metaphor (e.g. tap a card and it turns around in 3D space to show you what is on the back)