Interviews about visual design

Designers don’t talk about visual design enough. I interviewed some people and we only talked about visual design.

  1. Will Thomas, Head of Design at Nested: How to learn and improve
  2. JJ Moi, Design Partner at Prime Movers Lab: How to learn and improve
  3. Liz Hamburger, Digital Product Designer: How to learn and improve
  4. Tabrez Ahmad, Lead Product Designer at Liv Bank: How to learn and improve
  5. Christine Maggi, Senior Product Designer: How to learn and improve
  6. Rico Smith, Senior Visual Designer: Advertising, constraints, design systems, and lack of discussion
  7. Jamie Mill, Lead Product Designer at Relive: Definitions, feedback, creative struggles, post-rationalisation, and graphic design
  8. Jeremy Elder, Staff Product Designer at Gitlab: Graphic design influences, freelance work, design systems, and controversial principles
  9. Dr. Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, designer and computer scientist: Academia, studio cultures, and books
  10. Justin Duke, founder at Buttondown: Taste, product feel, simple styles, and uncommon principles
  11. Devin Fountain, Goodtime agency: No-code, signature styles, visual principles, the Petal website, and freelance clients
  12. Erik Kennedy, freelance designer and founder of Learn UI Design: Courses, freelance work, how to learn, and mentorship
  13. Antonia Delnevo, Head of Brand Design at Duffel: A culture of quality and the Duffel website
  14. KunleOlat, freelancer: How to learn
  15. Kerry Mcphearson, Product Designer at Disney: Immature organisations, important career skills, high quality bars, and hard skills to learn
  16. Mike Rapp, Design Lead at Walmart Health. Previously at Google/Verily, HCA Healthcare: The music industry, creation vs. execution, agile, and simple approaches to visual design quality
  17. Andreas Markdalen, Global Chief Creative Officer at frog: Early visual design roles, hiring for novelty, and how to encourage quality
  18. Jasper Hauser, design at Darkroom: The role of visual design, native platform styles, and application visual design
  19. Ton Giacometti, Product Designer at iCasei: The difference between graphic and interface design, and the visual style of wedding websites
  20. Andy Proehl, Senior Director of User Experience at Meltwater: Critique, information density, cartography, and ornament
  21. Alexander Vilinskyy, designer: The rise and fall of visual design, modern styles, how to stand out, personal preferences, and good visual design for its own sake
  22. Benjie Wilhelm, Founding Principal at Singularity: Graphic design, strategy-informed approaches, how clients think about it, favourite styles, and ethics
  23. Raksa Yin, Lead Experience Visual Designer at Amtrak: Graphic design, skill sets, and what interface design can take from graphic design
  24. Leo Chang, Staff Designer at Darkroom Studios: Clients and concrete proof
  25. Martin Rariga, Founding Product Designer at Equals: Iteration, company culture, and complex apps
  26. Anthony Menecola, Staff Product Designer at Shopify: Skate and snowboard culture, extreme graphic design exercises, and changing the practice of visual design