Learn whatever good visual designers have written down

Many good visual designers can’t write down what they know. They don’t know what they know. They learned it because they copied others. Or they watched another good visual designer work. They used the approaches described in this book.

But some good visual designers take the time to understand what they know. They want to share whatever they can. To help others learn as well. They try to make their tacit knowledge explicit.

I’m grateful for designers like this. They help others get a head start.

You should seek out these designers, and learn whatever they have written down. They might share it for free in design communities. They might put it in a book for £30. Or a video course for £3,000.

Ask a good visual designer if they know of any other good visual designers who share what they know. You’ll usually be pointed in the right direction. Then do it again and again until you’ve found them all.

Also realise that interface design is very close to graphic design. Good graphic designers have been around for longer than good interface designers. More of them have realised it’s helpful to write down what they know.

Look for good graphic design books. Some of the concepts are immediately relevant. Some might have to be bent a little to make them fit.

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