You need as many perspectives as possible

If you have experience in lots of different domains or areas - if you can see a problem from more perspectives - you'll come up with more, and more creative, solutions.

David Epstein, in his book Range, looked into the scientific evidence for this:

I found a raft of studies that showed how technological inventors increased their creative impact by accumulating experience in different domains, compared to peers who drilled more deeply into one ... There was a nearly identical finding in a study of artistic creators.

So the science is in: The more varied experiences you can bring to bear on a problem, the more creative you will be, and the more ideas you will be able to have.

Obviously becoming more experienced in a range of areas is not an overnight change. But the next time you research a problem, consider how you could look further afield than the immediate domain you work in. You can find inspiration in the strangest places.

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