Don’t wait for inspiration. Go through the motions

Some believe that creativity is about waiting around until inspiration strikes. The truth is that most creators are able to create because they go through the mechanical motions of creating, even if they're not "feeling it".

No matter how uncreative you feel, the best way to come up with ideas is to go through the motions, possibly with the methods in this book. Inspiration most often strikes when you're already in the process of coming up with ideas. You see something that sparks a thought, which leads to another, and then suddenly you have a complete solution in front of you.

So don't sit in front of a blank piece of paper, waiting for a solution to occur to you. Start coming up with ideas, no matter what they are. Lay a foundation that you can build on. If you don't come up with anything you like today, come back the next and start again.

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