Problems with simple design

Simple design is not perfect. Here are some problems with simple design:

  1. It can be hard work. Complexity - technical, visual, or business - can sneak into any design project. You have to fight it constantly
  2. It's less flashy, and people who pay you money to design things might not be impressed as soon as they see it
  3. Related: It will look like you put less work into the design, because there is "less" of it
  4. It's often not as fun to create or use, and part of the reason is that there's less room for individual artistic expression
  5. With fewer elements on screen, there are fewer places to hide rough edges in the design, so it might require a greater attention to detail
  6. You will often need to write more, writer better, and write more creatively. You might not want to learn to do this
  7. You will often need to be good at typography. You might not want to learn to do this
  8. Simple design might not always be suitable for image-heavy or growth-focused industries, like e-commerce
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