A brief guide to simple design

If you don't have time to read through the book, here's an even shorter version:

  1. Make sure your design puts the content first
  2. In most cases the best type of content is words
  3. Minimal visual design is good, but be careful not to make it too minimal
  4. Typography is the most important visual skill you can learn. Good typography will take you most of the way to good design
  5. Be restrained in your visual design. Small touches of character work very well
  6. Simple designs stand the test of time
  7. Be honest with the materials of the web. Don't do things that HTML and CSS are not comfortable with
  8. Your design should be easy to build and maintain
  9. All else being equal, simple should be more commercially successful than complicated
  10. If it looks simple but has bad performance, it's not simple
  11. Simplicity helps and enables accessibility
  12. Simple design requires focus, and creates focus
  13. Aim for clarity
  14. Don't distract your user
  15. Your user will get more done if your design is simple
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