Good designers use these typography skills

If I wanted good visual design and could only make sure that one part of my design was perfect, I’d choose typography.

Typographic scales

The best way to achieve a good visual hierarchy in your typography is typographic scales. This introduces a system that your typography styles follow in terms of size. When the different sizes of text in your design have relationships to each other, the result is a better looking design.

There are plenty of good tools online to help you create a typographic scale. Do a quick search the next time you need more than one size of text in your design.

Typeface meaning

Typefaces have meaning. This is obvious as soon as you look at a typeface like comic sans next to a typeface like Times New Roman. One of them looks more friendly, more childish, more fun. This is the meaning behind the typeface.

The more you understand the meaning you need to communicate with your design, and how to choose typefaces to support that meaning, the better your visual design will be.

Being able to identify the meanings behind typefaces is something you’ll pick up the more you learn about type, and the more time you spend around typefaces. There are also articles online to help you learn more about this specific topic. This article by Erik Kennedy touches on some of the concepts.

Typeface pairing

It’s not required, but you’ll often use more than one typeface in your design. It turns out there are very few rules when it comes to pairing typefaces. A good visual designer could probably make any combination of styles work, as long as they have access to well-designed typefaces.

If you want a practical introduction to the topic, read Erik Kennedy’s article. If you still want more, Fontpair has a resources page.

Good typefaces

The quality of a typeface matters a lot. If you want to do typography well, it’s important to use well-designed typefaces. Seek out experts on type like Typewolf. Become familiar with high quality type designers like Klim.

You don’t necessarily have to pay for typefaces. Over the years some very good free typefaces have been released. But your options are still limited, and it can be hard to separate the good from the bad if you’re new to typography and use free options.

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