Random word

Many novel things have been invented because two ideas that already existed were combined to create something new. You can try to essentially brute-force this approach to creativity by putting your problem and a randomly chosen word side by side. You can look at the randomly chosen word, and consider it's attributes, and see if any of them inspire new solutions to your problem.

It's best to randomly generate the word rather than thinking them up "at random" yourself, so that you are truly considering combinations that wouldn't have occurred to you. If you find that certain types of words don't help you to think about possible solutions, many random word generators will let you filter out certain types of words, like verbs or nouns.


Lorraine needs to design a home page for the e-commerce app she works on. There's a big sale event coming up, so the app needs a one-off design for the home page that will showcase the best deals on offer.

She opens a random word generator and taps the "Generate" button. The first word that comes up is "Pottery", which after thinking through doesn't give her many interesting ideas. She generates another word, and it's "parade".

Lorraine thinks about what a parade involves for a viewer, and realises there are some interesting ideas to explore. She decides to design a home page for the sale where the best deals "parade" past the user from right to left, with lots of colourful accents and animations.

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