Short design books I recommend

A list of every interaction design book (incomplete)

How interfaces change with frequency of use

Why designers don’t talk about interface design

Evidence that designers don’t talk about visual design

Visual design exercises

What I’ve learned about visual design

Where novel visual styles come from

Natural tensions in interaction and visual design

The best WWDC videos about interface design

A list of every visual design book

Design topics that interest me

My design principles


A critique of the Linear website

The website visual design hall of fame

The four universal signals of quality

Direction, approach, and iteration

Evidence that quality is impossible at scale

The ways software competes

Why quality is impossible at scale

The benefits of software quality

A critique of the Stripe website

Factors of a good interaction and visual designer

Landing page layout checklist

Signs that an organisation values interaction and visual design

Questions for a visual design critique

The six signals of quality in software

What I think “good design” is


How I define “interface design”

Others’ classification of software design

Ways that software design is different

My definitions of “beauty” and “taste”

Classical and expressive aesthetics

Foundations of the visual design skillset

Types of elements in visual design

The six layers of interaction design

The five purposes of elements in visual design

Levels of visual design inspiration

The eleven interaction design spectrums

The sixteen spectrums that define software “type”

Types of pattern in design

The building blocks of visual design

The eleven types of contrast in visual design

The five purposes of visual design

The thirteen visual design spectrums

The eight purposes of colour in visual design

The six layers of visual design


How to look impressive without impressive projects or past jobs

Common problems with design career advice

All possible parts of the design interview process

The five minute UX curriculum

What outsiders look for in a good designer

Personal interests

Observations about people

Beginner’s guide to dark chocolate tasting