What I think “good design” is

At this point I’ve looked at a lot of websites and apps and I’ve realised what I prefer. Here it is.


The technology behind a website or app should be as lightweight as possible. Vanilla HTML and CSS are better than React. Lean means it’s fast to download, render, use, and respond.


It should help you to do what you want to do. The visual design should not get in the way.


The elements of the design relate to each other in ways that make sense. In function and form.


If a person perceives an element in the design, they understand it fully.


Content is the focus. Everything else in the interface should draw only as much attention it needs. Visual hierarchy should use as much differentiation as necessary and no more.


The designer should spend a ridiculous amount of time on the details. Thoughtful attention to detail is the key to beauty in modest visual design.


The design should only use as many elements as necessary. Those elements should only be as complex as they need to be.


Minimal and modest design can be sterile. Effort should be made to add personality touches like humour. To the content, to the thoughtful details