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Meta design topics that interest me

There are some topics I’m interested in because they help me understand design as a career. Here they are.

How to improve at visual design

Visual design is full of tacit knowledge, which is hard to learn by reading. I want to untie as many of those knots as possible, so that designers can improve their visual design more easily.

The definitions of “good designer”

Many designers find it difficult or don’t want to define what a good designer is, which I can’t resist. I want to know what a good designer is so that I can make sure I am one.

The parts of design

One of the challenges when you learn design is to know what knowledge exists in the first place. This is because you can’t put knowledge to use unless you have it. I’m interested in complete lists of all topics in design.

The advantages of generalisation

I’m curious, so I rarely leave stones unturned. This has naturally made me a generalist designer, so I’m interested to learn more about the advantages of generalisation versus specialisation. Mostly so I can defend my life choices.