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A solution for a time sheet reporting problem

Every month, my boss takes timesheets from three different sources, puts them all into a spreadsheet, and produces reports from them. These are sent to our client with our invoices.

Manually putting together these reports each month takes three or four hours, and that's for one client - As more clients come on board, this will take up far too much time.

My boss asked me to design a web app that would let us import the timesheets, and would automate the process of producing the reports, cutting a four hour task down to five minutes.


I started by drawing a stakeholder map (Names have been blurred):

Stakeholder map

This let me see who was involved in the project, and would want input into it.

I interviewed stakeholders, and asked them to take me through the way they record their timesheets.

Both the things I observed and the notes from my interviews led to a set of 13 "Questions and Concerns" that would need to be addressed by any design. These were questions like, "What if someone leaves a timer running and records 36 hours for a single day?".


I wrote out a basic database structure, based on the data we'd be getting from the timesheets.

I also mapped an outline of what functionality the app would need to provide:

An outline of the application


Based on the outline, and the structure I had figured out, I put together wireframes for the application.

The reporting section

The import section

Unfortunately, spare developers are very hard to come by at our company, so this project has not yet been developed/released.

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