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A mobile app for Beauhurst

Beauhurst is a browser based SaaS platform. The website works on smaller screens, but there is no mobile app. The company has always wanted to build an app, so I put together a concept design to gather internal feedback.

The main challenges with bringing Beauhurst to a small screens is that it's a data-heavy platform, with lots of information on company profiles. Fitting all of this information into the screen was a layout challenge, since most mobile apps are not this data heavy, and do not use as much dynamic content.

After showing this app concept to people at Beauhurst, I made tweaks based on their feedback. Below, you can see the first version on the left, followed by newer versions.

Home screen

The dashboard in Beauhurst shows the latest activity across all companies, as well as highlighting product updates.

The home screen The home screen


The Advanced Search tool is the most complicated tool in the platform, so bringing this to a small screen is not easy. The tool lets users add many criteria to narrow down their search for companies.

The home screen The home screen

Company profile

Each company in Beauhurst has its own profile, with a lot of data per company. Layout was the biggest challenge here, since you can't predict how long a field value will be, from one company to the next.

The home screen The home screen


Users can create collections of the companies they're interested in, and see those companies at any time. Tables are a very interesting challenge in mobile. I had to make some sacrifices in terms of what information to show in the table, and what information the user would have to visit the company profile to see.

The home screen The home screen

Target device

I designed these screens for the iPhone SE. Even though it's a discontinued phone, it can still be bought from third parties, and some users might still own one. I wanted to target the iPhone SE because it has the smallest screen of any mass market smartphone, and so I knew I'd be designing for the worst-case scenario.

A mockup of the app on an iPhone SE

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