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Redesigned sign-up flow for a non-profit

I was contacted by a non-profit, gvbck, who are about to launch their service for the first time. They asked me to help them with design, and I chose to tackle the sign-up flow as a first, low risk project. This was the sign-up flow when I first saw it.

I mapped out the paths users could take through these screens to figure out where there might be issues, and to make sure I understood it.

I realised that we could remove the first page completely. I wanted to get the user signed up as quickly as possible, and improve the visual design so people wouldn't be wary of the service with their money. I spoke to gvbck's founder and used a priority guide approach to figure out the order of importance for elements on the page. This is what we came up with:

  1. How it works
  2. Search bar
  3. Results list
  4. Featured charities
  5. FAQs
  6. Already got an account? Log in

We didn't know whether the results list or the featured charities would be more important, so I made two wireframes. One would put results first, based on the assumption that people had a specific charity in mind. The other put the results and the featured charities on the same level.

The founder of gvbck chose the first option, so I designed a new two-step sign-up page.

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