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A tagging interface to help understand the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Beauhurst was in a good position to gather data on how companies in the UK were affected. The Data team started a project to tag companies with their impact. They used spreadsheets to keep track of this. I was asked to design a dedicated tagging interface to replace the spreadsheet. In the initial conversations about how the interface should work, the CEO put this wireframe together.

The CEO's initial wireframe

My goal was to design an interface that was faster than the spreadsheet. I wanted to avoid scrolling where possible, so I made the best use of the screen real estate with my first mockup.

The first mockup

After some feedback I got on the first mockup, I colour coded the tags into groups. This would help quickly recognise/remember where the tag you want is.

The second mockup

The development team started work and built the first draft.

The first build

After some feedback from myself and others in the business, this is the final design as it was released.

The second build

With the new tagging interface, there was a 23% drop in the time it took to tag each company.

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