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New features for Countrywide's listing software

While at Apex I designed many new features for their property listing software. Here are a few examples.

Sending a property pack

This screen gave the user different options for how to export or send an information pack.

Legal compliance

Estate agents had to collect certain proof for legal reasons. This screen let them collect it.

Communicating text limits

These text areas can feed into many different templates. I designed the text limit signifiers at the bottom of each text area to tell them when they had gone over certain templates' limits.

Letting users reassign their own work

This was a form that let users reassign a property they were working on to some other employee, and state the reason why. This cut down on unnecessary calls to the head office.

Collecting the necessary identification

Estate agents needed a way to see at a glance if they had collected all of the necessary IDs, and if not, which ones they still needed.

Referring to document images

This resizeable overlay allowed the user to refer to a document, and at the same time fill out form fields about it.

Date validation

Setting absolute/relative dates is a tricky interaction design problem that I needed to solve here.

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