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Improvements to the CoderDojo sign-up flow

CoderDojo wanted help with their sign-up flow, so I volunteered. I asked some participants to carry out a task with the sign-up flow as it was. I collected the issues I found into a video montage of their experience and sent it to the CoderDojo developer. This was their response:

This is great. It really highlights some key issues parents have getting started. At the end, she never got her child added and into the Dojo, and I can absolutely understand why.

Next I mapped out the sign-up flow and put post-it notes against the areas that had issues, based on the usability tests.

The CoderDojo sign-up flow, with problems

I picked five issues with the sign-up flow that could quickly be fixed, and wireframed some solutions.

The wireframes I sent over to CoderDojo

Following some more quick usability testing of the wireframed solutions, I sent them to the CoderDojo developer. They responded well.

Awesome! Subtle changes that can make a big difference to users' perception. Really helpful.

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