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Websites don't have to be complicated

The web seems to be headed in one direction: It's getting more complicated, and more bloated. But there are people trying to push back against this ever growing alien blob. Here's some of my favourites.

Maciej Ceglowski gave a talk about the Website Obesity Crisis, and then helpfully transcribed the talk into words so you could read it instead of watch it. How nice.

Jeffrey Zeldman wrote about big text centred on simple websites in 2012. Since then Medium has taken this idea and run with it, but still managed to fuck it up.

Adam Morse cares about design that's simple, bold, and lightweight. You can read things he's written here.

The pages, "Motherfucking Website" and "Better Motherfucking Website" both exist to hammer home the point that you probably don't need all that crap, when you're making a website.

Dan Luu is a very smart person writing very interesting things, but his website looks like the "Motherfucking Website" above. Does his work suffer because of it? OK, a little, because the text is full width and therefore hard to read, but it's not as bad as any website that's filled with ads that make your laptop fan spin up. Here's a post he wrote about bloat on the web.

Nick Heer wrote an article about the "Bullshit Web", which does a good job of outlining the ways that the web has been filled with bullshit.

Putting this list together, I'm painfully aware that everyone I've linked to is a man. If you know of any people fighting the good fight for a simpler, better web, let me know! Shout out to Lara Hogan, whose book I'm reading right now, and who is focused on making the web perform better.

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